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子連れ旅行で役立つ情報や遊び場を中心に、グルメ・マネー情報もお届け♪ お仕事については「お問い合わせ」からお願いします♪

Travel to Nagoya with kid [staying at NAGOYA Mariott ASSOCIA HOTEL]

Thank you for viewing the article. I am ponyokichy who loves to travel, and I travel all over Japan (and eventually abroad) with my 4 year old son:D!

In the fall of 2021, I stayed at the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel, a Marriott brand luxury hotel, with my 3 year old son.

 In this article, I would like to provide useful information about the hotel mentioned above, for those who want to travel with their children to Nagoya. I will also share with you the benefits of Marriott's Gold Elite membership (For example, room Upgrade, 2pm late check-out, 15% off lunch buffet !).

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Entrance


This article is only a record of the author's lodging experience and does not cover the entire hotel service. Also, since the article is written by a Japanese-speaking author, please understand that there may be some discrepancies in the structure and grammar. The perspective of the information may also be geared toward the Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this blog, [contact me], or Twitter.

CHECK !  If you are thinking of traveling to Nagoya with children! In this article, you will find the following points♪
1. An overview of your stay at the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel.
2. What to do inside and outside the hotel (in the suburbs) that your kids will love.
3. The benefits of Marriott's Gold Elite benefits!


Hotel Overview & Location

The Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel is a Marriott brand luxury hotel. It is located directly above Nagoya Station, with the lobby on the 15th floor. All rooms are on the 20th floor or higher, and you can enjoy Nagoya without climbing up to the observation deck.


Regular check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 12:00 p.m. Gold Elite members have an extended check-out time of 2 p.m. There is a reception desk for Marriott Bonvoy members only and for others.  Since it was a weekday, there was no line for either and check-in went smoothly.

I had reserved a standard room (with queen size bed) this time, but I was excited to see if the Gold Elite benefit Upgrade would be applied.

→ As it turned out, they changed us to a deluxe room (twin, Shinkansen side) on the 30th floor or higher!!

Introduction to the rooms full of useful information for children


The room is a spacious 35 m^2, and my 3-year-old son was very happy with the space, immediately lounging on the bed and enjoying the beautiful night view.

I had actually booked a room with a queen-size bed so that my son, who moves around in his sleep, would not fall out of bed, but I was not sure what to do because we ended up with a twin. Moreover, it was difficult to pull the bed up against the wall because of the side table. 

→ We solved the problem by moving the two beds to the center side!

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Deluxe Twin Room

My son was so excited to see the Shinkansen, trains, and freight trains! He sat by the window and concentrated on the view.

Shinkansen arrivals and departures seen from the hotel window

The toilet and washroom are not separated, but they are spacious enough. There is a separate shower, so we didn't have to worry about the floor getting messy.
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Washroom
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Bathroom
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Shower room


The room lights, air conditioning, room service, etc. can all be controlled by a tablet device. There are no clocks in the room, and this tablet seems to be a substitute for a clock. This devece was great, however, it is a great toy for a 3 year old:(

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Tablet

Drinks are two each of Nespresso caffee(normal and decaf), tea, and green tea. And two bottles of water were provided. A set of cups was neatly arranged. The refrigerator contained snacks and drinks (soft drinks and alcohol). There is an extra charge for this service.Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Amenities Coffee
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Amenities Cup

In addition to pajamas for me, there were children's pajamas, which were just the right size for my son (95 cm ).

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Kids Pajamas

I also found a connector for charging my phone in the drawer. This is very helpful when you forget your charger.

The toiletries in the bathroom were neatly arranged... Towels and bathrobes were also neatly organized.
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Amenities
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Amenity 2
Also, if you need a transformer and outlet plugs to use your appliances, you can borrow them from the hotel.


The next day, we had a buffet lunch at Pergola, a restaurant on the 15th floor of the hotel. At that time, it was the Hokkaido Fair, so they had crab, scallops, zangi, chanchan-yaki, etc. The restaurant is compatible with the Covid 19.Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Pergola Lunch Buffet

The dishes were prepared in small bowls( no using tongs), so we were able to enjoy lunch  with peace of mind. We also enjoyed many freshly prepared dishes in the live kitchen. Lunch is normally priced at 4,500 yen for adults, but Gold Elite members receive a 15% discount :D!!


Guests staying at the hotel have free access to the hotel's gym (there is a fee to use the pool). 3 years old and younger are not allowed in the gym area, so I used it alone.

Exploring the surrounding area

I went out with my kids to explore the hotel and its surroundings. The walkway off the hotel lobby has a great view, and it was powerful to see the surrounding skyscrapers up close!


However, we also wanted to enjoy the view from higher up. So we moved to the top floor of the hotel. I took the elevator to enjoy the view from more than 200 meters above the ground. As soon as we got off the elevator, there was a restaurant, so we could not see the view:(

The next destination is another skyscraper directly above Nagoya Station. To my surprise, there is a cafe on the 51st floor of JR Takashimaya. You can enjoy the 250-meter view while sipping a cup of coffee... ♪

Then, back to the hotel. In the lobby, a large Kinshachi (golden killer whale) welcomes you. Surprised at its size, being the same size as the one at Nagoya Castle!

Golden Shachihoko Hotel Lobby

This trip to Nagoya ended at Nagoya Station, where I bought some souvenirs. Of course, I had the famous Nagoya meshi (Nagoya's gourmet food), miso katsu. The combination of sweet miso and pork cutlet is very tasty.

Thank you:D!!