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子連れ旅行で役立つ情報や遊び場を中心に、グルメ・マネー情報もお届け♪ お仕事については「お問い合わせ」からお願いします♪

Travel to Disney hotel with kid [staying at Disney Ambassador Hotel] in JAPAN

Thank you for viewing the article. I am ponyokichy who loves to travel, and I travel all over Japan (and eventually abroad) with my 4 year old son:D!

In the spring of 2021, I stayed at the Disney Ambassador Hotel with my 3 year old son. In this article, I would like to provide useful information about the above hotel for those who want to travel with their children. 

Entrance of Disney Ambassador Hotel


This article is only a record of the author's lodging experience and does not cover the entire hotel service. Also, since the article is written by a Japanese-speaking author, please understand that there may be some discrepancies in the structure and grammar. The perspective of the information may also be geared toward the Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this blog, [contact me], or Twitter.


CHECK ! If you are thinking of traveling to Disney hotel with children! In this article, you will find the following points♪
・What is the Disney Ambassador hotel?


Hotel Overview & Location

The Disney Ambassador Hotel is the first Disney hotel in Japan located at the Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR). The hotel has Mickey and Minnie themed rooms, and you can enjoy Chef Mickey who comes to meet you at the breakfast buffet, so you can be fully immersed in Disney even after visiting the land and sea. (When we stayed at the hotel, he did not get to meet Mickey at Chef Mickey's, only at the photo service.)

Free shuttle buses run from Disneyland and Sea to the hotel.


Regular check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

Only guests staying on the Ambassador floor and suites have access to the lounge, where they can check in and check out. At this time, juice and snacks are available, and the children are happy to receive them:D!

Introduction to the rooms full of useful information for children


Rooms are large enough at 38-45 m^2. Enough space to spread out your suitcases.

This time, we had a twin room with a Minnie Mouse theme! The interior and even the cushions are Minnie Mouse, and my 3 year old had a blast playing with the ribbon shaped cushions and sofa.


The bathroom and toilet were separate and spacious enough.

Minnie Mouse themed rooms(Disney Ambassador Hotel)


Minnie's pouch contained a set of amenities.

You can take this pouch home with you! The containers for shampoo and other amenities are Mickey-shaped!

Disney Ambassador Hotel Amenities_Minnie's Pouch


Since we were traveling with a vacation package, we had a guaranteed reservation for Chef Mickey, who is famous for being difficult to book.

Adults (13 years and older)   : ¥3,200
Middle child (7-12 years old): ¥2,100
Child (4-6 years old)              :|¥1,500

We did not get to see Mickey, as it was during the Covid-19 spread. However, we spent the morning trying to enjoy Chef Mickey, which is difficult to get a reservation for! There were so many Mickey-shaped things that even my son, who has started to recognize Mickey at the age of 3, was excited. Instead of a character meet and greet, there was a photo service at the table. You can purchase a composite photo of yourself eating a meal surrounded by Mickey and his friends.

Disney Ambassador Hotel breakfast_Chef Mickey entrance

At Chef Mickey's, Disney Ambassador Hotel. Mickey shaped bread


I called the front desk at night to send my travel luggage home. They prepared cardboard boxes (I don't remember if it was paid or free) for me. They also came to our room to pick up the cardboard boxes that had been packed. After that, the procedure went smoothly at the delivery reception on the first floor.

Exploring the surrounding area

You can feel that it is a Disney hotel in many places in the hotel.  the globe on the first floor with Disneyland markings around the world, the statues of Mickey and his friends taking movie, and the courtyard, where you can enjoy an elegant time. ♪

Although we couldn't go this time, there is a shopping mall "Ikspiari" right next door, which will be enough for you to enjoy food, shopping, cinema, and more♪

Mickey statue in the lobby of the Disney Ambassador Hotel



The Ambassador Hotel is a wonderful hotel that is part of the Disney Resort and supports an enjoyable Disney Resort trip. Thank you:D!!